Duck-Work,   2014

Competition: Urban Timber
Sponsor: Boston Society of Architects
Structural Consultant: Benjamin Cornelius, LERA
Fabricators: CW Keller, Studio A+I, Kin & Co
Team: Sean Gaffney
Site: Boston, MA
Size: 300 sqf
Status: Built and exhibited in 2014

Duck-Work was a winning submission built and displayed at Urban Timber, an exhibition at BSA Space featuring innovative structural uses of timber. Duck-Work shows the three different properties of plywood: Availability in standardized dimensions and provides both workability and easy transportation, resistance and allowance of bending. composited of multiple layers and grains of wood, each performing a supportive role. Standard practice requires that wood should be steamed, laminated or cut into a desired curve. Duck-Work invents a new type of wood construction method that integrates the tools used to bend wood directly into the assembly itself. It breaks down complex curvature into a series of smaller bends that can be assembled on site. Like plywood which is comprised of multiple layers of wood and glue, Duck-Work is made out of a series of plywood sheets formed by tension rods able to support large loads. This construction shows how wood buildings can be easily modified and changed efficiently.