Park's Playground,   2018
Competition: Beyond the Centerline
Sponsor: Fisher Brothers
Team: Sean Gaffney
Site: Park Avenue Plaza
Status: Shortlisted and exhibited in 2018

The Beyond the Centerline competition challenged entrants to reenvision and revitalize the medians on New York City's Park Avenue between 46th and 57th Streets. 1 of 17 shortlisted and exhibited designs, Park’s Playground treats the existing Park Avenue Centerline as a cut taken out of the ground, exposing a new public layer of the city. By removing the existing planted median, light and air are able to spill into a semi-open, semi-covered public space - a commercial arcade below the street. A quieter, more intimate pedestrian corridor secluded from the noise of vehicles passing overhead provides access to storefronts housing a wide range of dining, food & beverage and retail experiences. - 07 - View 4 - Color Update - Reduced.jpg - 06 - View 3 - Reduced.jpg - 05 - View 2 - Reduced.jpg - 04 - View 1 - Reduced.jpg